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Thajwas glacier

view of Thajwas glacier from namrose resorts


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Terms And Conditions


1.      The Client is responsible for the cost of any entertainment, services or activities provided by external suppliers sourced by the Client ("External Suppliers") and shall at all times have sole responsibility for ensuring that any and all statutory obligations, licences and requirements specified by the Hotel's management and/or applicable local legislation are complied with by the Client and the External Suppliers of the Client. The Hotel reserves the right to approve all such arrangements and to view any licences obtained by the Client or the External Suppliers prior to the commencement of the Event for the provision of the entertainment, activities or services at the Event.  In addition, if the Hotel is required by applicable law to comply with any applicable licensing and/or statutory regulations in connection with the provision by the External Suppliers of any entertainment, activities or services at the Hotel, the Client shall be responsible to bear the costs incurred by the Hotel to comply with these licensing or statutory requirements.  The Client shall give full assistance to the Hotel to enable the Hotel to meet its licensing and statutory obligations.
2.     No beverages or food may be brought into the Hotel by the Client for consumption by its guests during the Event.
3.     The Hotel has legal liability to ensure, at all times, the Health and Safety of the Client and all guests of the Client attending the Event as well as all guests in the Hotel at the material time. Therefore, the Client is required to consult with the management of the Hotel before affixing any items to walls, floors and ceilings in the Hotel or using any form of mechanical or electrical equipment. Should the Hotel be required by the Client to supply any mechanical or electrical equipment for use at the Event, the Client shall be required to indemnify and hold the Hotel free of any liability against any claims resulting from loss or damage to property of the Hotel or any third party or from the death of or injury to any guest of the Hotels or any guests of the Client at the Event or to any individuals appointed by the Client or the Client's contractor or agent or any External Supplier arising out of the use of any mechanical and/or electrical equipment during the Event or in the course of the installation or dismantling of such mechanical and/or electrical equipment unless such loss or damage, death or injury is caused solely by the negligence or willful act or omission of the Hotel or its employees.
4.     The Client shall indemnify the Hotel, its employees, contractors, agents and guests against any loss or liability incurred by the Client, its agents, guests or employees, arising as a result of the Event or any entertainment, services or activities organised by the Client or its External Suppliers (or the Hotel on the Client's behalf) in connection with the Event.
Guest Property

5.     The Hotel is not and shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned by, or in the custody of the Client or its guests, employees, agents or contractors, or the External Suppliers. The Client is advised to arrange adequate insurance cover for the Event. Safe deposit boxes may be provided by the Hotel for the Client's use at the sole risk of the Client.

Advance Booking

For advance Booking the guest has to pay half of the amount out of total amount